How to update fw on beta Ruuvi Gateway

I have a Gateway from the beta testing program but I can’t figure out how to upgrade the firmware on it.
When doing the reconfiguration I never see the Firmware update page mentioned here:

All I get is:
Ruuvi Gateway is now ready to be used.
You can now close this window.”

No option of choosing FW upgrade or anything else.
How do I go about upgrading manually ?

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry if this is a noob question.


Do you have the A1 or B1 variant of the Gateway? A1 cannot be updated due to missing connection from ESP32 to nRF52. B2 can be updated with USB following the instructions on this readme.

I have the A2 revision, is this capable of being updated?

Unfortunately no, B1 is the first version that can run latest firmware.

Can I update to any of the newer fw’s at all (1.7.0+) by cutting a trace at R15 as suggested earlier?

We already discussed this at Slack, but as a reference for others:

A2 can be updated, but it needs the R15 resistor cut. To use with Ruuvi Cloud, the gateway has to be registered by sending text of to