How to speed up the advertising rate of Ruuvitag?


Does anyone knows how to increase the speed of transmitting the data?
RAW mode transmits at 1000 ms interval and URL mode at 500 ms interval. Both modes have transmit power of +4dBm.
I would like to have the RAW mode transmits at 100ms.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Are you trying to speed up only the advertising or sensor read rate too?

In any case application_config.h and bluetooth_application_config.h have the intervals.


Do you mean “APP_CFG_NON_CONN_ADV_INTERVAL_MS MSEC_TO_UNITS(500, UNIT_0_625_MS)” this row?


Which firmware version you’re working on?

In any case that sounds like correct, although in current master the line is

Hi, I using the old version, but I would like to use this latest version. When I try to run in ses it shown this error. “C:\Ruuvitag\ruuvitag_fw-351b1eb5b6ff9b9bb6f6f1b99c29ebc915710a18\nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad\components\toolchain\system_nrf52.c: No such file or directory”
Do I need to do any configuration before using this fw?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the SDK12.3 unzipped at C:\Ruuvitag\ruuvitag_fw-351b1eb5b6ff9b9bb6f6f1b99c29ebc915710a18\nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad\?

Where can I find it? I only found /nRF5_SDK/nRF5_SDK_v15.x.x/doc/ , click “compatible downloads”.

The SDK is also at , but you’ll need to get the softdevice separately if you download the version.

Thank you, I can load the program now :slight_smile:
But for the intervals how can I achieve to make ruuvitag advertise 100 times in 1s?

100 times in one second would mean 10 ms interval, this is not possible because it would violate Bluetooth specification. Have you considered a GATT connection for faster data transmission?

Do you mean connection peripheral in Nordic?
For BLE advertising mode, 20ms should be possible, so how can it achieve this interval?

You’ll need to use connectable advertisements for 20 ms interval.
[EDIT]: Yes, I mean using the tag as a peripheral as an alternative to broadcasting.

Hmm… not really sure about this

But for ruuvitag it is possible to get 20ms interval?

It should be possible, although you need to consider the 0-10 ms delay enforced by softdevice as collision avoidance. I’ve never tested broadcasting at 20 ms though

Why are you trying to broadcast so fast?
Broadcast frequency is independent of sensor readings.

Additional information would help us solve your problem.