How to get X-Internal-Secret

I have one sensor running on and I am getting temperature data. All are fine. I want to run Internal api and need X-Internal-Secret key. How can I get that key X-Internal-Secret key?

Also How can I sensor data on my private server.

if I get the answers it will be great.


Hi @Umesh_Phuyal ,

Thanks for your message! I think what you are looking for is available with Ruuvi Gateway. If you already have Ruuvi Gateway, check out our developer documentation for detailed configuration information.

For RuuviTags there are third party integrations for example for Home Assistant.


For the sake of completeness, the header X-Internal-Secret is used for admin processes and we do not share access to that key.

You should be able to do everything with UserApi which does not require X-Internal-Secret.