How to get charts, history in Ruuvistation?


I have a ruuvitag and Ruuvi station for iOS. I’ve updated the tag to the firmware stated to get this functionality and the iOS app is in version 0.5. Where can I see the charts and historical values? I can’t find them anywhere.


Feature is still in alpha, Ruuvi Station iOS (0.4). Charts for connectable firmware

Hi. Alpha of the app version? the blog post that you link to refers to the app store. and there the latest version is 0.5

Alpha in RuuviTag, you need to update the firmware. So far we haven’t heard of any devices being bricked, but the battery will drain faster while iOS device is in range and other devices can’t hear RuuviTag while your phone is connected

Hi again, thanks! I found the right firmware now (3.28.12) and think I’ve installed it. However, I’m not sure how to confirm what firmware is installed. Can’t find it anywhere in the iOS ruuvi station app, and Decode NFC reader only reports mac adress.

The charts, I still cannot find in the iphone app. Where should I look?

  • Björn

Hi again

Now I did the firmware update once more and pressed clear in the end. Not sure if that was what made a difference but I now see the charts icon in the app!

I pressed cancel on the question if it should keep the connection open. Not sure if that was a requirement or not. I’m just interested in leeting the Ruuvi log data and then I can retrieve the datasets once in a while. I’m not interested in any alarms or such…

@Rinat knows the details on iOS app, but I think you can connect manually to get the data on tag. Keeping connection open is needed for background operation, including alarms