How to flash custom firmware to device?

Hi guys,

since about two years Iā€™m a user of some of those wonderful Ruuvi Tags. Brilliant things!

Now I have some ideas to modify the firmware for my specific application.

I had a look around and found the series of blogposts that describes certain features of the firmware and how to modify it:

Unfortunately the blogposts do not very well cover the actual process of flashing the new firmware to the device and what kind of hardware is required.

So far I understood that either I need a Ruuvi Dev Shield or that I can somehow connect a cable directly to the Ruuvi Tag.

Is there any blogpost or howto that describes the actual process of flashing a custom firmware to the Ruuvi Tag and what is needed hardware wise?

Thank you

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Our RuuviLab article has the hardware connection information: RuuviLab | DevShield User Manual
You can also use Tag-Connect cables for the SWD connection for wired programming and debugging, but in practice having the target board zip-tied in place is very helpful.

On firmware side, we have a article about the general principles how creating a binary and DFU package, although it is a few years old so some details such as soft device version is out of date.

More recent blog post covers bootloader creation

Readme also has details on how the makefile of the project creates the binaries and how to flash them.

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