How to export data...Is there a GUI app?

I have a R-Pi4 with ruuviberry installed for my weather beacon outside and I am wondering…Is there an easy to use Linux app or method for exporting the weather data to a CSV file or spreadsheet??

All of the current apps I have tried I have had problems with.

Thanx in Advance.

From an influxDB command line you can use:
influx -precision rfc3339 -database ruuvi -host pi93graf

either from the R-Pi4 or any other system where you have influx installed.

sending influx command processor something like:
select (temperature*9/5)+32 from ruuvi_measurements where mac='DC4B596ED18B' limit 3 tz('America/New_York')

Will write something like:
name: ruuvi_measurements
time temperature
---- -----------
2019-09-15T20:00:44.423701794-04:00 75.2
2019-09-15T20:03:59.23170522-04:00 75.2
2019-09-15T20:05:04.884082449-04:00 75.2

to stdout.

You could then use the sed command to delete the headers and replace spaces with commas.

Would that work for you? Do you need more specific details?

I was hoping for an easy to use and or easy to configure app or command preferably with a GUI…Anyone here know of such??

Grafana can export CSV!
Mouse over the graph,
Click on the configuration “pencil” and notice the "configuration and download CSV

How do I do this??? I see nothing when I move my mouse cursor over each graph that allows me to do this.

Need detailed instructions, please.

Depends on your Grafana version, the export was somewhere else an year ago :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank u. I figured it out. :blush: