How to connect ruuvi to devkit?

I have just order two dev kits in order to customize ruuvi tags firmware. But now I can not find any source of info on how to connect ruuvi tag to dev kit? What is the aim of the thin plastic things (dont know the name in ENG) shipped with the dev it? Are they to keep the ruuvi tag in the right place above the devkit? If so, what if I want to burn dozen of ruuvi tag firmware (No option to reuse it?)

Any movie or picture on on to connect ruuvi tag to the devkit (burn custom firmware)?



Please find DevShield instructions here:

I know that. But in the first picture, how can be assured that all pins have contact without pressing ruuvi? Should I use my hand in order to press it during flash operation?

Some pressure is required, personally I use zip ties for a development tag and TagConnect cable for flashing small series

RuuviTag has three alignment holes that help you to position it correctly.

If your intention is to flash only (takes about 10 seconds), no zip tie is needed. Just keep some pressure on using your hands without touching components to make sure the pogo pins will touch the PCB.

Ok, I got it.
thank you

Hi, I would like to load new codes to the ruuvitag, and got a de kit as well. How do I change the target from the NRF52DK to the ruuvitag?


Once RuuviTag is pressed tightly against the pogo pins, RuuviTag is programmed automatically instead of nRF52-DK chip.

Thanks! got it. Does this apply to the UART for debugging too?

UART debugging is not routed from RuuviTag to the USB connection circuit, you’ll need to use Segger RTT debugging instead.