How many tags can a gateway capture

Hello all,
how many tags can one gateway (theoretically) capture. We are planning an installation of >50 tags and wonder if one gateway is enough, provided the signal strength is large enough.


One Ruuvi Gateway can handle up to 100 RuuviTags in HTTP mode. In MQTT mode there is no hard limit, but at some point the data transfer rate and packet collisions will start to limit the number of tags heard. We have not experimented with the upper limit of the tags listened to by MQTT yet.


thanks for this info! We will give it a try :slight_smile:

For the reasons you mentioned above, we would prefer to transfer data via http anyway, but unfortunately we still have problems with https at the moment. This seems to be due to the certificates or the certificate chain used.
But that’s a topic for another thread.


what is this HTTP mode?
can ruuvitags send HTTP messages too?

RuuviTags do not send HTTP messages.

Ruuvi Gateway can communicate with HTTP (default) or MQTT (advanced setting for custom backends)

ok, that was what I thought too