How do i change the measurement intervall on ruuvicollector

So i got the ruuvicollector+grafana+influxdb yesterday and now i would like to change the measurement intervaöl so that it does not gill up my pi’s 32gb sd card.

In either case, filling up a 32GB sd-card should take some time.

Okay thank you very much

The measurementUpdateLimit in the config is indeed the best way to achieve less frequently stored measurements while the retention settings in the InfluxDB database can be used to delete old data.

However as mentioned, InfluxDB compresses this kind of data very well, and it’ll take a while to fill a 32GB card, unless of course you need most of that space for other stuff.

As a reference for estimating the space requirement, my InfluxDB database is taking 30.2GB of space currently, and it contains every single Ruuvitag measurement I’ve ever received since February 2017, or a bit over 5.5 years, with typically around 8 tags with 5 second interval on average.

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