Home automation - how to get started

I have a few RuuviTags around the house, and I read them with RuuviStation. Ton get an uninterrupted graph of weather data, I need to sync regularly, and it is a pain.

Is there a simple solution for setting up a weather station display, to see the history, with some freedom to select which sensors to show and how?

I am not a programmer or builder, but I have a Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, and Android phones lying around. I wonder if it were possible to have one of those on all the time, logging the data from RuuviTags, and plotting them.

Since you already have a Raspberry Pi, perhaps this could be your easiest solution

Many thanks for the link. The page seems to cover everything I need to know, and do it in a detailed manner.

If you don’t have the time to configure and maintain the system, I suggest you try Meazurem. Disclaimer: I have created the service.

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Thank you icewood! You have done it EASY.
Instruction is really step-by-step and they works.
I don’t understand why Ruuvi make so difficult to use they good product, no Windows support, no ready SW made products?