History in iOS and Android

I read my RuuviTags with an iPhone and several Android devices. I noticed an interesting difference between the iOS and Android apps, regarding the length of the log history:

  • iOS seems to store everything and forget nothing, but the App always shows 10 days of history. When I upload the data, it takes a long time if one has used the RuuviTag for a long time. The App does not have any settings regarding the history duration
  • Andoid seems to store and show at most 10 days of history (I have the history setting to 10 days). The App displays 1-10 days of history, depending on the setting, but always uploads (and stores?) 10 days of history

It would be nice to have an alignment between iOS and Android. Here is my wishlist

  • User-defined history display (also for iOS)
  • User-defined history delete (neither automatic as in Android nor all-or-nothing as in iOS)

Thank you for the feedback, we are working on making the apps identical. I think your feedback is partially covered by point 4: [DISCUSS] Unify user experience when using charts in mobile app for iOS/Android · Issue #369 · ruuvi/com.ruuvi.station · GitHub

@Denis_Andreev @Rinat Please check he point about deletion, do we need to add it somewhere?

Thanks for the reply. It is good to see that you are already working on this.

Hi @Mikko!

iOS must prune the data in background, and should be able to do it if you don’t kill the app forcibly.

It’s very interesting why are you reporting that iOS doesn’t prune data at all. Could you please share your iOS version and app version? Are you killing the app manually?

Hi Rinat,

Now I run iOS 14.6. For some reason the update to iOS 14.17.1 failed. At least I am low on system memory.

Ruuvi Station App is 0.7.1 (109). I assume it is the latest.

I sometimes kill the App manually, usually when syncing freezes. Maybe it has created some inconsistencies in the log files.