Highpass filter on latest firmware(lis2dh12)


Does the latest firmware (v2.5.9) support high pass filtering on the lis2dh12. I use to be able to enable it by calling:
But this seems to be removed from the latest driver.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

It was probably removed while working on movement counter, as the movement counter uses high pass on the interrupts but not on data.

The original function seems to have been:

lis2dh12_ret_t lis2dh12_set_highpass(uint8_t highpass)
    uint8_t ctrl[1];
    ctrl[0] = highpass;
    return lis2dh12_write_register(LIS2DH12_CTRL_REG2, ctrl, 1);

where highpass is the control register 2 value.

You’d probably want to make a function to read the LIS2DH12_CTRL_REG2, set bit 0x08 (FDS) in the read value and write the register value with high pass bit set to the LIS2DH12