Has the Sync changed?

I now use iOS and Android Apps, and the Web site which gets updated via the Gateway.

I noticed that sync seems to work differently. Maybe it has been documented somewhere but then I must have missed it. I used to sync the RuuviTag data with the phone Apps, each sensor separately (it was a pain), but now it seems that hitting the Sync button in the App gets the data from the Web, and it updates data from all RuuviTags at once. When I tried to sync using a phone whose App had not been logged to my Ruuvi account, nothing was synced.

Also, some plots still have gaps. I thought I could have retrieved that data directly from the RuuviTag, using RuuviTag-to-App sync but such sync does not seem to exist anymore.

Could you please summarise how syncing is supposed to work with Apps, Gateway and Web? Please clarify also that if I take a sensor away from my home and Gateway, and want to measure the temperature, e.g., in my tent when camping, can I sync this data to the App or the Web?

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Are you talking about SYNC button on a screen with Charts? This button always sync only data from RuuviTag internal memory to application.

Syncing with Cloud (Web) happens automatically now, every minute.

If you take your sensor away from Gateway you’ll be able to sync history from sensor itself to your phone application. Only Gateway can transfer your data to Cloud(Web)

I mean the Sync button in the App, visible only when in Chart view. Today it seemed that all RuuviTags were synced at the same time when I pressed Sync for one RuuviTag. Maybe I need to re-check what actually happened.

When it appeared as if graphs for all RuuviTags were synced at the same time, I assumed that the App synced with the cloud. Also, it seemed the App did not sync at all if I had not signed in to my account.

I tried sync with an Android phone, not running the latest RuuviStation. I was not logged on to my account with that phone. The sync failed.

When I tried an Android phone running the latest RuuviStation, it said the sync succeeded but it did not show the number of measurements being synced. It used to show this. On iOS I sometimes see the Bluetooth icon and sometimes the Gateway icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, and sometimes is says “syncing” or something like that. It seems that syncing with Web is automatic, maybe.

This all looks messy, and now I stop guessing: please tell me how the sync is supposed to work, and then I’ll tell you if it works this way, and whether it makes sense to me. I am a little frustrated now, sorry for that.

Sync button on Charts screen only sync selected sensor history from inside it’s memory (nothing to do with cloud/web). There can be different issues depending on your phone model or firmware of the sensor (especially with old Android phones). We are working on fixing these issues.

Syncing with cloud/web happens automatically and ONLY if you signed in your account. If you’re close to your sensors then you probably can see how data received from cloud/web being overwritten by measurements your phone received by Bluetooth. Sync of sensor data is going only one way: from the cloud to your phone. Data from sensor going to the cloud/web only from Gateway.

I’m describing how latest Android version of the app is working. On iOS there might be small differences, but sooner or later both apps will work the same way.

Is it clear enough description?

Many thanks. This helped a lot. Now I know what to expect. One thing I missed, though: when I sync RuuviTag with my phone, does it overwrite or complement the data my phone has gotten from cloud?

I will post some observations. Here’s the first one

  • Android App 1.5.33
  • Old Android phone (Moto G8) running Android 11
  • Not logged on to my account
  • Pressed sync when sitting next to a sensor
  • UI said: connecting, syncing, reading history, but no counter and no update to graph

The same phone, with App updated to 1.5.39

  • Not logged on to my account
  • Pressed sync when sitting next to a sensor
  • UI said: connecting, syncing, reading history, but no counter and no update to graph
  • By the way, the App says it has detected 91 sensors. I have 12?!

So, the App update did not make BT sync work. Based on what you wrote, the sync should have updated the graph, from RuuviTag to Android App. Is my phone too old to work well with Ruuvi?

One more thing…all my sensors should have v3.30

Sync won’t overwrite data and will add additional data (if you didn’t pressed Clear before syncing).

If you see no counter for data during sync it may be a bug of a sensor firmware when sensor stop recording history after some time passed. Was it fixed in 3.30 @ojousima ?

I always saw the counter in the Android App before deploying the Gateway. I have had v3.30 for quite some time. Isn’t the counter dependent on App, not on RuuviTag?

The iOS App has never shown the counter.

One more thing about the sync-from-RuuviTag-to-App (BT sync for short?) UI.

Earlier I saw the update counter (in Android only) and I usually also saw the graph changing after the sync had finished successfully. Today, with the RuuviTags syncing via Gateway to cloud, and then cloud syncing to the App, and no working counter or clear indication in the App if the BT sync did anything at all, it is very difficult to know if the BT sync does anything at all.

If BT sync does something, please show it clearly to the user, and do it with something that stays on the screen until the user clicks ok so that you know he saw it.

This bug is still open, fix will be released in 3.30.4 o be released in September

If you don’t see counter then you encounter this bug in FW and app just connect to sensor, no history to sync and it disconnects. If you have Gateway in range then there’s no point in syncing with sensor via BT.

Anyway I hope we’ll fix this in 3.30.4 FW.

I have the impression that BT sync does not work at all. I put my iPhone in Flight Mode, with BT still on, and tried to sync a RuuviTag with the iOS App. The App said it “connected”, “synced”, and “succeeded”. Still, the graph, flat for the past 10 hours, was not updated.

When I put the phone back to normal mode, the graphs were updated, probably from cloud to App.

3.30.3 BT sync stops working in 50 days, thanks to time math getting accidentally squeezed down into 32-bit milliseconds. That should be fixed in 3.30.4, we’re currently testing a release candidate and expect it to be published on Monday 20.9.

In meanwhile, tags which stop logging will restart logging after a reset

My Ruuvi Station App says that the latest firmware is v3.30.2, and this is what I am running on all my RuuviTags.

Otso, you wrote that BT sync does not work, and then you wrote that tags which stop logging will restart logging after a reset.

I am a little confused. Has also logging stopped working, or only BT sync, and what kind of reset is required to make logging (or BT sync) work again? Or does BT sync fail when the RuuviTag has more than 50 days of data.

I have been using my RuuviTags since late last year, with some hiccups but usually BT sync worked. Maybe this 32-bit time was introduced in a recent firmware.

This affects 3.29.0 … 3.30.3, fix should be released today in 3.30.4.

It affects the RuuviTag log readout, technically data is still inside flash but RuuviTag does not access elements with timestamp higher than 32-bit milliseconds. The visible effect is that tag returns “no log elements” message when read via GATT and tag has been running over 50 days.

Also have the same problem with Android. For some reason the sync button has disappeared for the majority of the time (I have B8 tags running 3.30.2 that I rebooted earlier today to no avail). I can sync on iOS though.

I still do not really understand all of this sync stuff either. It would be very useful for me to be able to sync from tag on app and have this synced data forwarded to my own db, not just the data received by advertisements.

What version do you use and do you have Ruuvi Gateway?

Hello Denis, thanks for your reply.

I am using version 1.5.43 on Android, the sync button has not appeared once today. On iOS I have 0.7.2 and there exist buttons erase and sync, which work. On an older Android I have succeeded in syncing which has an older version of the Ruuvi Station.

I don’t yet have the Ruuvi gateway

Ok, I think most likely your iPhone stays connected to your sensor (in sensor settings there is a toggle Keep the Connection). When iPhone is connected, Android phone (or even other iPhone) can’t connect to your sensor to get history. As soon as your disconnect you’ll see Sync button again. At the other hand if you want to receive alerts on your iPhone it needs constant connection to sensor. :man_shrugging: