Has anyone used Wirepas Connectivity with Ruuvi?


I was really wondering about things we can do with the Wirepas Connectivity. I would really like to see a implementation and if someone has done so had these questions :

How quickly can you use the wirepas connectivity to change the UUID broadcasted by beacon?
How much time the update takes if something is done through wirepas connectivity?
How its implemented, I mean how do we use wirepas connectivity to connect beacons to the internet?


Did you get a response to this? I am interested in the answers also.


Hi guys,

Wirepas is a proprietary mesh protocol, has licensing fees and is suitable for business customers.

We’ve got many clients who are using RuuviTags + Wirepas firmware and are happy with the results. Currently, asset tracking is one of the main uses.

If you would like to explore Wirepas in more detail, we suggest to contact their sales team directly.


So can we not create our own bluetooth mesh system, but too technical for me.

Bluetooth.com says this for example.
In contrast, a mesh network has a many-to-many topology, with each device able to communicate with every other device in the mesh (we’ll examine that statement more closely later on in the section entitled “Bluetooth mesh in action”). Communication is achieved using messages, and devices are able to relay messages to other devices so that the end-to-end communication range is extended far beyond the radio range of each individual node.