Grouping of Ruuvitags

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I have Ruuvitags at 2 locations, home and cottage. It should be possible to group the Ruuvitags in different groups, and have a group page as entry level in the app. So I could select whether I want to examine the home Ruuvitags or the cottage Ruuvitags. At present all Ruuvitags are on the same app page in alphabetical order, which is a very cumbersome and un-useful solution.

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Kurt Ristniemi


Otso Jousimaa
Personally, I have solved this by naming my tags by location - function, e.g. “Cottage Fridge”, “Cottage Outdoors”, “Home Fridge” “Home Outdoors” etc. Sorting the tags and syncing the order between apps takes surprisingly much development effort, but the idea is in the back of our heads