Graph refresh after sync

I use Ruuvi Station on iOS. When I sync the data from the Tag, the time axis of the graph resets to “everything”, even if I had zoomed to a specific time range before the sync. For example, I may have to zoom to see if the latest measurements have been included or not. After sync and forced time axis reset, I may have to zoom again to see if I got some new data.

It would be nice if my zoom area would be kept the way it was before the sync. If the sync brings in new data, this may be tricky, but a full time axis (and y axis, too, I guess) reset is frustrating. I would do it as follows

  • If sync does not extend the visible time axis, keep the zoom as it was
  • If sync extends the visible time axis, i.e., my zoomed-in area included the last known measurement, keep the starting point as I had chosen, and shrink the old data so that the new added time axis fits in the graph

@Rinat ^ FYI