Grafana quirk on Ruuviberry

I recently had to reinstall Ruuviberry on my Raspberry Pi 3 and now the grafana readouts don’t look as they should.

I am enclosing a screenshot so you know what I’m referring to.

Any ideas??

First thing that comes to my mind is that your tag might be running in URL-mode.
If you’re running the factory firmware 1.2.12 the URL-mode can be identified by green led blinking on tag, you can press “B” to enter raw mode which has higher precision on data.

The bluetooth icon on my R-Pi3 is blinking from blue to green…Any ideas?

Ok, I solved the blinking bluetooth icon on my R-Pi3 but does anyone know why the Grafana readout is so “square-ish”??

Have you ensured that you are using a raw format on the tag (data formats 3 or 5)? You can quickly check that in grafana by adding another GROUP BY clause as tag(dataFormat) which should turn the default label into something like: ruuvi_measurements.mean {dataFormat: 5, mac: E46E1098918A}

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Ok, I think I fixed the graph issue but now a new issue: It only shows data from one ruuvi. How do I configure for all 3?? They’re all working BTW.

You’ll need to configure group_by: tag(mac)

How do I do this? I’m not familiar with Grafana. I’m a newbie.

Thanx in Advance.

Here’s one example:

I did this for temperature and now no readout for the 3 ruuvitags

Ok I think I got it…Thanx!!

It still looks square-ish…What time interval should I set for the graphs??I had it set for 5 seconds…I moved it up to 5 minutes…What should the settings be for the Time Interval?

5 seconds should be good. Did you verify the data format already? Which one are you using?

The data format is Time Series.

I mean the data format (a number, normally 2, 3, 4 or 5) sent by the tags, which is stored in the dataFormat tag field as I explained in my earlier post

I fixed the issue…I deleted each graph and reinstalled them which loads their default values. :slight_smile: