Good place to mount outside RuuviTag Pro sensor on a Camper Van?

Has anyone found a good place to mount an outside RuuviTag Pro sensor on a Camper Van?

I thought I found a good place underneath the van, but discovered that the Bluetooth signal could not get through the metal van undercarriage and floor to my Victro Cerbo unit’s TP-Link USB Bluetooth receiver.

Opening the side door of the van unblocked the signal - which was open when I tested and installed the sensor, so I didn’t notice the problem until I closed the door.


Fascinating question. :+1:

I’ll read along here, as I’m also planning to buy a camper.

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I don’t have a camper van but in general outdoor sensor should be in a location where sun doesn’t shine and also protected when it’s raining. Both will affect quite heavily to the measurements. I have one sensor on a black wall which gets around 50-65C when sun is shining while sensor on a shadow side remains close to the air temperature.

Does the signal go through the van windows OK? If so, how about installing the sensor on the inside of a rain guard? That would protect the sensor from both rain and sun. If you don’t have rain guards that could be a good excuse to install them :slight_smile: especially on a camper van they are useful for improving ventilation by being able to keep the windows open a little when it’s raining.

In an A class motorhome I just leave one on a seat and have one double sided tape to the inside of each garage door.
Resetting the the movement counter to zero remotely would be good,