Getting Started With Current Tools

I’m trying to get started on firmware development with the Ruuvi. I have the Devkit and a Ruuvi, however all the documentation and articles I’m finding seem to refer to earlier iterations of the tools or firmware, or just seem to assume I know things about the world of Ruuvi that I don’t.

Firstly Nordic seem to have lost interest in Segger Embedded Studio and are now focused on Visual Studio Code (which would suit me as I already use that for a number of other development scenarios), but I can’t find a way to import the ruuvi.firmware.c project (despite indications that it should just be a case of opening the relevant project).

So, for now I try to get it to build with Segger. Well the good news is it does actually load the project… but then there are a bunch of sub projects. Kaarle, Keijo, etc, but nothing that I’ve found that indicates which one I actually need. So I took a guess and chose ruuvitag_b.

But that fails when it comes to compiling with a “__vfprintf.h” not found.

I’m hoping for a little help just getting the standard firmware building and flashing to the ruuvi, preferably in the VS Code environment. I should be able to take it from there.


We originally developed the firmware with Segger, and haven’t had a need to set up the project on VS Code but it should be relatively straightforward. The project compiles with makefiles too and those should have all the information needed for setting up VS Code project.

My guess is that you’re missing the Nordic SDK 15.3, it should be installed (unpacked) on project root. Personally I use softlink to actual SDK folder so I don’t have to hold a copy of SDK for each project.