Generic Beacon Gateway?

Looking for some quick feedback on an idea we had while developing a healthcare app using ruuvi beacons. Would a generic BLE beacon gateway be useful? It seems like everyone roles their own?

Here is the general concept:

This could be a terrible idea. Feedback welcome!

I like the idea. I especially like this one, lol:

“1. Bill buys a Ruuvi Tag (he’s already awesome)”

Currently, Ruuvi Station’s Android version can act as a simple (RuuviTag) gateway and Ruuvi Node (and Ruuvi Dongle project) are aiming to ease this gateway “issue” too. But they’re not available yet. And even if they would be, more gateway projects means more choices and it’s never a bad thing.

Looking forward to see where this goes. Hope you’ll come up with a successful (open-source) business plan on this.

A low cost, very low power consumption gateway to LTE and/or NB IoT network would be good IMHO


I have a simple to use BLE to MQTT scanner that can be run on a Pycom board. It will decode both RAWv1 and RAWv2 data. It also look at Eddystone TLM data and everyother unknown BLE packet it sees.

Source Code is:

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