GATT Profile

I am new in this topic. In the RuuviTag+ the GATT Profile is still in progress.
What I want to know is: This GATT-Profile is a special only for the RuuviTag+ profile? or is it a general profile, which is also used for different eddystone Beacons? Is in this Profile written what is in the data advertised?

How does this GATT Profile look like?
Is this profile for the creation of the URL-String needed, in other words
the is a string with all the data encrypted. How is this data decrypted, so that the Temperature, Humidity and Air Presure are cleartext? Is that connected to the GATT Profile?

Sorry when I missed the point here, but I am trying to understand the basic functionality and I am not a professional Developer.


GATT profile has standard Device Information Service, and Nordic Semiconductor’s DFU service.
We also support Nordic Semiconductor’s UART service for transferring application data.

There is no configuration interface over GATT yet, I’m not aware of a standard sensor configuration interface so we’ll probably have to implement our own.