Gateway goes offline should email

Backend should send email when a gateway goes offline.
Could be power fail, cable dislodged (power or ethernet), local network issue (switch, router) , link failure or even firmware glitch in gateway. (really?)

This requires a periodic examination of all , recently (?) connected gateways. Each gateway may need maximum permitted online time for example if gateway is connected by an intermittently unavailable link.

Hi @dgerman ,

This is covered by our Cloud Connection alert, which is available in Ruuvi Cloud Pro or higher subscription level.

Thanks for getting back to me…

“Cloud Connection alert will be triggered when sensor has not been updated to Ruuvi Cloud within a specified time.”

This addresses an individual sensor.
What about when a gateway goes offline?

@dgerman in that case any sensor that is relying on gateway/gateways in that location would obviously trigger.

That is correct. :slight_smile:
Although I didn’t have any sensors set to alert on cloud.
I do now.

Maybe there should be a mention of that somewhere?

Good point as always :slight_smile: I will add mention to support documentation for this alert type.