Gateway config is utterly broken

The configuration wizard is straight up broken when reached over ethernet.

The gateway will automatically get a DHCP lease when an ethernet cable is connected on boot, but for some reason the config wizard cannot get past the ethernet config page when access via ethernet. It repeatedly gives the following error message “ethernet cable is not connected” which is so obviously wrong because I just accessed this page via ethernet!?!?!?

Resetting the gateway and going through the setup flow via wifi works fine, but then if one elects to allow (password-protected) access to the config for subsequent updates the config wizard gets blocked again on the ethernet step, whether I use DHCP or set manual IP settings.

And sometimes it’ll lock out the config wizard with “Oh no! Connection to the Ruuvi Gateway is lost.”

And believe it or not, it appears the gateway is just taking its own ethernet interface down for no particularly good reason… Is that a side-effect of trying (and. failing) to set the network settings in the config wizard?

Did anyone even test this thing before it got shipped?


Sorry about the problem with the configuration. The connection dropping when configured over LAN is a side-effect of configuration being applied, that is fixed in next firmware version that we are currently testing.

If you want, you can manually update to the new firmware at Release v1.9.1 - Bugfix release · ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_esp.c · GitHub. It has some issues with automatic updates, a version 1.9.2 that will be automatically update will be available soon.