Gaps in log

Some of my tags have up to 10 hour gaps in the logs. I sync the tags occasionally with the iOS app. All tags have the latest firmware, with the log storage. Any ideas why some logs have gaps?


Thanks for the report. Do you have an Android phone you could use to check the logs? That would help us narrow down if the issue is in firmware or in app.

iOS. I updated the tag firmware 1-2 weeks ago (3.28.13). You can see the log, first with 5-minute and 1- minute gaps, then the long 10-hour gap, and then 1-minute and even 1-second gaps.

I have not checked all tags to see if others have gaps, too.


Sorry, I missed the question. Yes, I have an Android phone, too. I will check the logs with that later today, and post here.

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Now I uploaded the log with my Android phone. First I had to update the Ruuvi Station on my Android phone, and then sync with the phone.

The graph on the Android phone does not seem to extend as far back as with the iOS
-iOS - 15 days
-Android - 3-4 days

When looking at the uploaded CSV files
-iOS - 6187 rows, from Dec 6 until now
-Android - 385 rows, from Dec 20 until now (NB! The file was shorter than the graph)

Also, rows supposed to be identical were not identical
-iOS - 2020-12-20 15:46:23,2020-12-20T13:46:23.000Z,23.00,29.98,1017.95,-,-,-,-,-,-,-
-Android - 2020-12-20T15:46:27+0200,23.0,29.98,1017.95,0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0,0

Here the time difference is 4 seconds, but on some other rows it is different.

Then, the iOS and Android rows do not always align. Even if there is a clear match on row N in iOS and Android logs, it happens that rows N+k do not match.

Android shows only 3 days of history by design, I’ll ping our UI designer to ensure that both apps have same amount of data stored.

The 3.28 firmware has only 3.5 days of logs stored, maybe you have run out of space between synchronizations? 3.29 has 10 days.

Time difference is probably explained by the way logs are timestamped, timestamp is relative to system clock of tag and calculated on the fly. I’ll need to check that the time spend sending the logs doesn’t end up as drift, but few seconds could be caused by mobile phone system clocks and Bluetooth latencies.

Android stores data points scanned in background, so. Android may have data points which are missing from iOS.

Thanks for the update, would It be possible that there’s been over 3.5 days between synchronizations? That would explain the gaps.

I mainly use iOS, and 3.28.13 seems to be the recommended firmware. Is it safe to use 3.29.1 with iOS?

I had 15 days of logs with 3.28 but I assume most of it was only locally, on the phone, not on the tag.

On gaps in sync, the main gap I reported to you was on Dec 19. This was less than 3.5 days ago, and I synced today. I assume the missing data is missing from the tag, too.

About the length of logs. I found it surprising that Android App shows more data than it can upload in a CSV file. I did the upload via email.


Latest iOS app is compatible with 3.29 firmwares, so you can update. Maybe the issue with gaps on data has been fixed too, flash logging was reworked. We have a version 3.29.3 coming up before Christmas, it fixes a bug where logs get erased if connection to tag is lost while syncing so it might be worth it to wait a day or 2 before updating.

We’ll check the Android export too

I’ll try v3.29. When testing my current firmware, v3.28, I noticed that syncing the data in the tag to iOS App duplicates the data. That is, if I had an entry in the iOS App, and synced with the tag, the same data is copied iOS App even if that data already has been stored there, but with a timestamp a few seconds off. Now I have three samples of many data points.

I noticed also another interesting thing. The Android App seem to sync only missing data from the tag to the App. There is a progress window which shows how many entries were copied. iOS App, however, seems to copy everything, and create duplicates and triplicates.

I did one more test, and now I am done for today. I did the following, still with v3.28
-cleared iOS and Android graphs
-synced a tag with iOS and Android Apps
-uploaded the synced data via email in a CSV file

-291 rows
-duration almost 24 hours (the last 5-minute interval was truncated)
-all entries with 5 min 1 second intervals
-every 100th entry is duplicated (this is odd…why?)

-676 rows
-duration 2.35 days, actually exactly where the 10-hour gap ended
-all entries with 5 min 1 second intervals
-the timestamp difference with Android was always 1 second
-the measurement values were the same as for Android

All in all
-why did iOS sync 2.35 days and Android only 1 day
-why did Android duplicate every 100th row
-why is the interval 5 minutes and 1 second
-and from the earlier post…why does iOS duplicate data when syncing multiple times (maybe Android duplicates data, too, but I did not have time and energy to try it)

Thanks for the detailed testing.

This is probably a bug in logging interval logic, I’d guess it checks “if now is more than 5 minutes since last log” instead of “if now is equal or more than 5 minutes since last log”.

@Rinat @Denis_Andreev @io53 Please take a look at others

Some other findings (iOS). I synced another tag and uploaded in CSV

  • Most the data has a 5-minute interval
  • Some of rows have the following pattern
    ** Two rows per a 5-minute period
    ** The time difference between the two rows seldom is 150 seconds. It can be like 295 and 6 seconds or 149 and 152 seconds
    ** Only one of the rows in a pair has acceleration, voltage, movement counter and transmit power data
  • There were multiple gaps, some as long as 10 hours