FW version from application?


Is it possible to get RT FW version from application?
It would me much easier to see what are RT fleet FW versions than going to each RT and read by NFC.

Hello, the FW version is readable by GATT, but I think the apps don’t show it by default. I can see the benefit for the app showing the FW version and a notification if update is available, we’ll consider showing the version in tag settings

Thank you for fast reply. So you take this feature to backlog/roadmap? Any estimation when available?

I opened issues to the app repositories, but I can’t estimate any timeline for them yet.

ok and thanks. Was it so that RT FW is open-source but application SW is not? I was thinking public voting for new features i.e. users would guide feature development roadmap? Like public product owner.
Ofcourse there would be need to know few development parameters like feature complexity and estimated work, like in scrum

Both Ruuvi Station app and RuuviTag firmware are open source. The Ruuvi Cloud backend is open source too, so everything can be viewed and commented on by anyone.

We have a voting site for new features at feedback.ruuvi.com, all suggestions are welcome

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