Fleet OTA via Ruuvi Gateway


I wonder if any work planned to do OTA update of Ruuvi Tag, via Ruuvi Gateway.

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This is not on our roadmap, the nRF52811 we’re having on gateway as a Bluetooth IC cannot probably handle the DFU update process of external tags. ESP32 support would be technically doable, but I didn’t find a ready DFU library with a quick search so there’s probably a lot of work involved.

Additionally, RuuviTags currently require physical access (NFC scan or button press) to enable DFU for security, so RuuviTags would need to be programmed to enable DFU service via some passcode.

Overall, fleet update would be technically possible to implement but the workload is not practical right now. If fleet update is a must requirement, you might be interested in RuuviTags with Wirepas mesh protocol.

If you’re interested in trying out the Wirepas, you can get a trial kit from our webshop.

Thanks, is there any plan to update or produce another gateway which is Wirepas compatible design, I’m particularly impressed with 2km line of sight test you did on top of body of water (lake) which is very impressive, and thinking even using Wirepas, disabling Mesh feature to extend battery life on that CR2032 coin cell, a gateway can still cover large area.
I did similar range test on the lake (only 700m line of sight), which translate to about 70m indoor warehouse or factory setting.

We don’t currently plan on making a design which would use Wirepas, but nRF52811 and nRF52832 are pin compatible so hardware-wise supporting Wirepas is doable. Bigger issue is in software support, in theory ESP32 could control nRF52832 over UART but there’s a lot of software work to do for it.