Flashing Nordic SDK examples to Roovi

I’d like to flash one of the Nordic SDK examples onto the Roovi, specifically the ble_app_proximity example. I have the ARM GCC toolchain set up and have been able to make/flash the hex file onto Nordic’s PCA10040 board via the built in JTAG controller.

I’m keen to use DFU/OTA when programming the Roovi rather than JTAG as I don’t have the dev kit and would rather not solder a JTAG header to the Roovi if I can avoid it.

I’m new to the process of creating OTA files for download so would appreciate any guidance on the process. Also will anything need to be changed in the example to support the new target (e.g. board support files)?

Thanks in advance!

Generally you can flash the Nordic examples as-is, however you’ll might have to compile the applications as the hex images provided by Nordic contain softdevice. If you want to save power, pull chip selects of BME280 and LIS2DH12 up.

Please see https://github.com/ruuvi/ruuvitag_fw and https://blog.ruuvi.com/preparing-binaries-2b76ab734a7e for some instructions on how to create DFU packages.