Flagged, but no idea why, and no "contact moderator" option

Hello to anyone with moderator ability,

I’m super confused…I was trying to cross-post related to processing Gateway metrics for Home Assistant with a message that included a link to the repo; when I tried to submit it, I got a message that I wasn’t allowed to link to that URL, and then I received a message that I’d been flagged by a user (“possibly for SPAM”) and that I could sit in timeout and think about it for 10 mins. There was a nice suggestion to read the TOS as well, which I did. I couldn’t find anything that says don’t cross-post, and I couldn’t find anything that says don’t post links to your own github repo. If it’s really a community member who flagged it and not some kind of bot, uh…


It was automatic spam protection: This new user tried to create multiple posts with links to the same domain. All posts from this user that include links should be reviewed.

Everything should be fine now.

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@ojousima should we add github to allowlist?

I figured…thanks! I appreciate the fact that the forum is not full of junk posts. :+1:

Yeah, added github.com to whitelist. Thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile: