First start - trouble


Bought and received my ruuvitag two days ago. Remove the protection from the battery. Download the aps, etc…
Putting new battery into the device. Press (R+B) button, red and green light stay in 3 seconds, but never blink after.

I’m lost.

C 2e583d60


Have you tested if Ruuvi Station can see your RuuviTag? Blinking is really quick and pretty dim, it’s possible that you won’t see it at all if there’s sunlight in the room

i installed the Ruuvi station 1.5.16 on my ASUS and also on a Samsung S10, activate bluetooth and localisation, but the apps doesn’t see the sensor.

Do you have more than one sensor to try? Can you detect other Bluetooth beacons with a Bluetooth scanner?

My Samsung S20 needs a reboot almost daily to see Bluetooth beacons, this is because of an issue in Android Bluetooth stack as far as I know.