First start: red LED blinking

Hello everybody,
Very first start with my brand new RuuviTag… exciting !
Well, at power on I got the following sequence: RED (flashy, about 1 sec), GREEN (flashy, about 1 sec) and then weak RED blinking continuously.
No bluetooth beacon visible :frowning:
Any similar experience… and solution to fix ?
Thanks a lot in advance !

Hey @thmacoem and welcome!

Sounds like the LEDs are functioning like their should be. After booted correctly, the device starts to blink the red LED once every second.

Install Ruuvi Station and you should be able to see it.

BTW, we have just released new operations manuals and troubleshooting guides:

Thanks Lauri
Sounds I was too new to the project :relaxed:
I got it and turned from RAW to URL mode and it’s working well.
I experienced difficulties to find a beacon scanner on iOS but finally managed it as well (eBeacon from Jaalee)
I can now digg into it further…
Thanks again

Note that we don’t recommend to use URL mode and it will probably be deprecated in the future firmware releases. Ruuvi Station iOS version is coming and for now Core Beacons can be used.

You can use nRFconnect (Nordic), BLE scanner (BluePixelTech), blurfaro( (on IOS)