Firmware 1.52.2 - sensors disappear with static IP

I tried GW fw version 1.15.2. When DHCP is enabled, the GW sees the sensors normally with the “curl -v http://…” command. However, when I use a static IP address on the GW, the sensors no longer appear with that command. The snapshot of the output is as follows (mac edited):

“data”: {
“coordinates”: “”,
“timestamp”: 1718018014,
“gw_mac”: “x:x:x:x:x:x”,
“tags”: {}

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Hi @middlehill,
It’s really weird and I have not been able to reproduce this problem.
Maybe you accidentally enabled blacklist/whitelist for sensor filtering? Could you connect the gateway via USB to a computer and collect logs from the virtual COM port when DHCP is disabled/enabled in case you didn’t find the cause of the problem?

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