Feature request: please add a sensor summary screen in the iOS Ruuvi station app

I’d like to be able to see the temperature and humidity values for all my tags in a single screen, rather than having to pick up my computer and swipe back and forth to navigate to them.

The iOS supplied Weather app is an example of the sort of thing I’d like to see. It allows you to build a list of locations where you’re interested in the weather, then see the current weather conditions for those locations listed on a single screen. If you want more details for a particular location, you can tap it and see a detail screen for that location.

One of the use cases that I’m using for my Ruuvi tags is to monitor the temperature and humidity in different locations in a hot yoga room, similar to some of the folks who use them for saunas. When I’m yoga-ing, it’s not feasible to stop what I’m doing and start futzing around with my computer. I have an iPad with a large display with plenty of real estate set up in a easily visible location, so it would be great if the app could provide a succinct summary of my tags.

Yes, I could write code to do this, but it sure would be nice if this capability was provided “out of the box” with the Ruuvi Station app.

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If you add this feature, you can also allow users to specify the order that tags are displayed as requested in Reordering of tags in Ruuvi app.

The iOS Weather app allows you to change the ordering of your locations by dragging them in “edit” mode. Lots of other iOS apps (e.g. editing playlists in Music) use the same paradigm.