Feature request: Gateway configuration through MQTT

I’ve got a feature request for Ruuvi Gateway: enable configuration through MQTT. This would be a very nice feature for custom MQTT users. No need to use the setup-wifi, no need to expose the http UI. Just enable the gateway to subscribe to a separate configuration topic listening to config messages.

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I like the idea, but how would the gateway know to which MQTT broker connect initially at first setup? Or do you mean that the GW would initially be configured through local UI and then future configuration would be done through MQTT server?

Via the initial setup, yes. I didn’t mean to get rid of the wifi setup completely, just enabling further configuration through MQTT without the need for physical access or enabling the UI.

It would be really nifty if the gateway scanned the subnet for well-known broker ports, then attempted to connect anonymously and read from a standard configuration topic.