Feature: Option for users to enable sensor data to be open for public

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I was thinking about a new feature, where use could make the data of their claimed sensor to be open for public.

If I’ve understood correctly, the data is currently accessible only for the owner of the sensor, as well as for the people they’ve shared the data with (via invitation).

What if user could enable “Make this sensor data open for public”, so that anyone could access the data? As an use case:
I live here in Hatanpää Tampere and I have one sensor outdoor, gathering the weather data here.
If for example 4 other users near me would have their own sensors outdoor as well, and each of them was open for public, I could use the data for all these 5 sensors and create a mean values for the weather data.

Once user sets the sensor data to be open for public, they’d need to pinpoint on the map where the sensor is located at (for example within 20-100m radius, if they don’t want to share exact location of the sensor)

Another user could then check on the map if there are any public sensors available for them to pick up on their own Station. Similar to “Virtual sensor” that you currently have implemented on the App.

Accessing to the publicly open sensor data could either require an internet access and polling from Ruuvi Cloud, OR the consumer of the data to be within the range of the publicly open sensor.

Just my 2cents.

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Kimmo Saari