Extend range for ruuvi tags - repeater - mesh

ok so I have a work shop 100m away from my raspberry Pi logger. I have 6 tags in my house and garage and this one tag 100m away. How can I get its range to extend to my house and to the raspberry

A repeater?
Mesh with a ruuvitag half way to the workshop? how?
any other smart ways to extend the range?


Repeaters would be an interesting option, but we don’t have firmware for one right away.

100m might be doable without repeaters if there is no concrete or metal between receiver and ruuvitag, you can try to boost the range a bit by lifting RuuviTag off metal and concrete surfaces and pointing the upper face towards the receiver.

problem is there are many walls between.

I use Zigbee sensors for this. There are many repeaters for Zigbee available. Ikea’s repeater is only 9,90 €. Zigbee creates mesh network and relays information for lights like Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri also.

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