Error conneting influxDB and influxQL


I am following this tutorial {} on how to set up my raspberrypi as a Ruuvi Gateway. Im following all the steps and everything is going as expected until i get to Grafana. I’m doing as the blog post states, but when I “Save & Test” in Grafana, i get the error message: “error connectitng influxDB influxQL”. Anyone have any insight as to where i’m going wrong?

I can post more pictures if needed!


The guide is a few years old, InfluxDB and Grafana have evolved since then. When configuring the data source do you see a setting named “Query Language”? If you use the outdated InfluxDB version mentioned in the tutorial you have to select ‘Flux’ there.
I suggest you search for a general guide on how to connect InfluxDB to Grafana with the current versions.