Erratic Sample Rate for RuuviCollector

I’ve recently setup RuuviCollector on my RaspPI using the provided tutorial on the blog. Everything seems to be working fine but the collector is sampling erratically, from every 5-10 minutes to 10-15 minutes. The collector is clearly working and capturing data but I would have expected samples to be measured equidistantly around every 9 seconds (according to the default settings).

My best guess for the erratic sampling at the moment is it’s something to do with Bluez. When I run hcitool lescan the tool will instantly report readings but then hangs; as I’ve multiple RUUVI’s broadcasting I’d expect to be seeing a constant stream of data. The tutorial mentions Bluez under version 5.41 has a tendency to hang and I assume this is the behavior being referred to. I currently have 5.43-2+rpt2+ installed which was the latest available via an apt update (there are later versions available from the Bluez website).

Has anyone encountered this behavior before and if so do they have a suggestion? (my next step is to further update Bluez but I would have expected 5.4.3 to work)


p.s. if relevant, I’m using a RaspPI 3B+, all packages are updated; I’m using the latest version of Influx and Grafana 6.3.3 (latest version of Grafana refused to install correctly)

Short update, I upgraded the OS from Stretch to Buster and updated all my packages. Good news, the collector is working consistently at a high sample rate. The bad news, the OS no longer boots to desktop. From what I’ve read this is not an unheard of issue and the easiest solution is just to flash the SD with the latest OS.

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