Enabling Angle of Arrival Packets on RuuviTags


Hi, I’m currently working on a project that focuses on using BLE 5 standard for incorporating angle of arrival data to enhance location tracking abilities. We’ve decided to use the RuuviTags as our beacons, but our current receiver isn’t able to detect any Angle of Arrival (AoA) packets being sent from the RuuviTags. Any advice on how to remedy this would be wonderful!


I found this great tutorial about AoA:


I have no info yet if sender firmware has to be modified to get this working but tagging here @otso


My understanding is that AoA requires special hardware which is not present on nRF52, https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/f/nordic-q-a/23352/nordic-chipsets-can-support-indoor-location-tracking-feature . However if someone finds a way to implement the AoA on nRF52 I’d be happy to port it to RuuviTag.