Enable push alerts

I see that the newest version has email alerts. How to change them back to push messages? I can’t seem to find a setting in the web view or the Android app.

Push alerts are shown from local sensors in Bluetooth range of the phone, currently Ruuvi Cloud does not support push alerts.

That’s too bad. Email alerts are kinda useless to me because I get a lot of emails. I’d like to have push alerts as a Ruuvi Gateway owner. Any plans for this? If not, is there any open sourced way to set them app for example via Pushover as I have MQTT + influxdb already up and running?

Personally I use MQTT + Influx + Grafana + Telegram bot alerts

Challenge also in push alerts that it’s hard to get them working always on reliable manner. Phones are restricting how apps are running on the background and power optimization features are getting all the time more tight.