Eddystone Max Range?


I am using eddystone firmware but getting only 5m range for beacon. Does anybody knows how to increase the range ?

Could you tell a bit more about your setup?

What is the transmission power? What kind or receiver are you using? What RSSI readings you’re getting if the receiver is really close the beacon? What about when the distance is 5m?

receiver is android phone with beacon toy.
transmisson power - 20
RSSI when close - 47 to 50

At more than 5m it not able to detect

You should increase the transmission power to get longer range, the tradeoff is that higher radio power consumes battery faster

thank you .

i changed the power to 3 getting range upto 20m now(tested in open air) . But somehow i cannot change to power 4 it automatically changes to previous value …

I was expecting rang more than 100m .
am i missing something ?

That’s weird. +4dBm should work fine. Try also 0dBm.

Thanks for all your help.

Worked great on easter egg treasure hunt.