Easy solution for remote monitoring via phone - Meazurem



I’m new here but I wanted to share our Meazurem project with you guys. Meazurem is a solution for individuals who want to monitor the data from RuuviTags remotely with their phones.

The solution consists two parts: a gateway and a client. The gateway will be available for Android and Raspberry Pi (Zero W is perfect for this) at first. An Android client is quite ready and iOS client will follow in the first quarter of 2019.

As a whole, Meazurem is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution with cloud functionality such as alerts and history. It doesn’t require any programming or database experience from you. You just install the software and use it as any other software. We’ll take care of anything else.

We are planning to start public testing phase before the holiday season. If you are interested trying it out, visit our website at www.meazurem.com and request an invite/join the waitlist. See you onboard!

PS. Here’s one screenshots of the client app.


Can the gateway easy be reconfigured to send data to other mqtt servers?


This is so cool, @icewood. Meazurem will be a great tool for many Ruuvi users.

FYI everyone, we at Ruuvi have played with Meazurem’s early beta versions for a while now and I can confirm that it performs really well. Looking forward to its public launch :partying_face:


Thanks @lauri. We are really looking forward to launch the service to Ruuvi users. RuuviTag is such a great hardware!


This is not possible, at least in the first versions. We use MQTT two way communication, and therefore the server must follow specific procedure.


Thanks for all readers who were interested in Meazurem. The service was released today for the early adopters.

Unfortunately we cannot take more users at this point. However, you can join our mailing list or follow us on social media to get notified about the public release!

Happy Holidays!