Easier network login

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It would be much more convenient if:
1). 4 character code in email was in lowercase without numbers. Entering all caps and numbers into phone is a nuisance shift, character, shift, character, shift, character. Even though the entry is case insensitive user wants to match case of email. Numbers on iPhone are also a pain.

  1. code did not include l (ell) or 0(zero) to avoid confusion with 1(one) and O(letter o)
  2. code didn’t expire so soon,
  3. most of all, request from an existing user should be unnecessary if that user is trying to login from a device they have logged in previously.
  4. suggesting previously used email (maybe with a few characters obscured) would allow user to easily choose the same one OR afferent one.

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Dennis German


Otso Jousimaa
The emails how also clickable link which should open the app and enter the code