Dramatically short battery life

One of my older RuuviTags has suddenly taken to sucking batteries dry in a matter of days when it and others previously took years.

Firstly it rapidly drained the original battery (a few years old itself but happily working) with a sudden voltage drop. A replacement Varta cell lasted a couple of days and a fresh Ruuvi-labelled item lasted less than 3 days (pictured below).

No signs of damage, readings (when working) are as expected, hasn’t been immersed in water.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Could you post a picture of PCB here?

Oh well. That would appear to be that then. Off to the recycling bin with it.

That looks quite OK and there are not visible short circuits. Some component is probably failing or there are small conducting dirt somewhere. You could try to give heat therapy for the device, heat it up to 120C for one hour (without battery and enclosure).

Do you recommend frying pan or microwave ?


No change, another battery bites the dust. Unless Ruuvi themselves want it back to investigate I will be putting this into the recycling when I am next going past a collection point.

I would recommend to use oven :slight_smile:

Well, after some sombre reflection, I did use a heat gun and used an IR thermometer to check the Tag was being heated correctly. And it hasn’t helped.

The device is, sadly, not usable to me any more.

I would be interested in performing addition analysis if you are willing to send it to me in the USA.

I might be willing to but my recent history of posting to the US of A is not good. A small envelope that needed a CN22 declaration is now into its 4th week of transport.

It’s up to you.
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