Download Gateway's measurements into Station apps

Obviously Gateway can send measurements into cloud but is it possible to download Gateway’s measurements into Station apps on Androids from somewhere else than default Ruuvi Cloud? In other words if Gateway is not sending into Ruuvi Cloud, can I fill gaps in Station anyhow when my Android is not in range of Tags?

Because I’m assuming Station can download data only from Ruuvi Cloud, is there always 24 hours or something like that available in the cloud? I mean is it possible to fill Station data with Ruuvi Cloud Free or is it mandatory to have at least Ruuvi Cloud Basic to download any other measurements other than last one?

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Ruuvi Cloud Basic or better is required for downloading history from the Cloud, Free has only latest datapoint.

The RuuviTags themselves have 10 days of history stored internally, you can load the local history data of RuuviTag without Cloud plans.