Doors open/close monitoring

Hello everyone,

Does anybody found a method to measure reliably door opening event with Ruuvitag?
After many experiments I couldn’t find a way to do this correctly. In practice the changes in ACC X readings are too low to be visible on chart. It is very easy to measure opening roof window where the angle changes a lot and it’s easy to set an alarm.
I can understand how the accelerometer works, and it could be impossible.
But maybe somebody has found a clever way to do it with grafana? RSSI also changes when the doors are closed but it’s not reliable enough in my case.
Or can maybe somebody tell me how to built in a hall sensor using ruuvi gpio and send the data to Influxdb?

The RAWv2 data format (found for example on tag firmware versions 2.x) includes a movement counter reading, this counter is incremented every time the tag receives a motion detection interrupt from the accelerometer, which can detect even a slow opening of a door when properly configured. The downside is that the motion detection may be even too sensitive at the default settings and cause the counter to be incremented even when an adjacent door is closed, if the walls are made out of some lighter material that carries vibration.

Of course even this method is not 100% reliable, but should be much more reliable than simply relying on the accelerometer values. A more reliable solution would be to use some sort of physical contact/switch, or hall effect sensing paired with a magnet on the door like most commercial alarm systems use for detecting door openings.

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Many thanks for your fast reply. And a very useful one.
I have updated my ruuvi’s to the new firmware and need few more days to test the counter. Seems to be much better than ACC readings.
But as you mentioned the Hall effect sensor would be the best for this job.
Can somebody give me some hints what does it take to connect a hall sensor to ruvvi GPIOs? any guide or link to a similar solution?
I’m planning an home alarm system based on ruuvi, the opening doors is the last “issue” I have to solve before buying more Tags…