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Is there a link where we can buy the devshield ?


I did see the DEVKIT in, but the offering there is the combo, DevShield + nRF52-DK. Is it possible to purchase a DevShield without also getting the Nordic dev board? I was thinking of just using the DevShield for easy access to pins.

@TedHerman Sorry for the late reply.

For now, we’ve decided to keep the web store super simple, without having too many product variants.

However, if you would like to have a bare shield, please email us and we’ll make it happen.

Looks like I will need to purchase tags in addition to the DevKit is that correct?


You should be able to purchase DevKit without RuuviTags (many have purchased).

Br. Henri

Do I see correctly, that the dev board attaches to the Ruuvi Tag with pogo-pins (to the test points on the bottom side) and with the SWD header ONLY?
My ruuvi tag boards have the SWD header soldered in with the pins up (on the top layer of the board), not down, would it fit the dev board?


Also the SWD bus is connected using pogo pins so most probably your boards will fit on the shield just ok.

If you are using the Nordic development board BE SURE that the USB cable is not a “power only” 2 wire cable!

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