Dev Shield question

Do I understand correctly that you need to use the nRF52-DK evaluation board, and a regular Arduino Uno R3 won’t work? Wondering because the nRF52-DK isn’t really so low-cost.

Programming RuuviTag with dev shield requires J-LINK connection to the target board (RuuviTag). As far as I know Arduino Uno does not support the J-Link. You can use the development shield to connect to the test pins of RuuviTag without any base board and program the RuuviTag with over the air DFU packets if you do not need a debugger connection to hardware.

Ok I see, thanks. By the way, can we read 1-Wire sensors with the RuuviTag?

Support for 1-Wire protocol is not implemented as of right now. The protocol could be bit-banged, as RuuviTag / nRF52 supports configuring GPIO as open-drain, however I’d be concerned about current consumption:

1-Wire has pull-ups, which means that there’s significant amount of current being used when data is transmitted to pull the line down in addition to having CPU on.

In short: Building 1-wire support would be doable (maybe the driver could be ported from Arduino?) but it would require some low-level driver coding and careful consideration of power conservation.

Would be nice if it could be done, but sounds like it would require a lot of resources for you to do it.
I have some old 1-wire weather station parts (wind anemometer etc.) lying around that I thought would
be cool to use with the RuuviTag.