Dev shield availability

Hi Ruuvi team,

I was starting to play with the tag which arrived and wanted to switch to complete custom FW including bootloader. I’ve located SWD pins and started to look for compatible 10-pin JTAG cable to connect with some standard tool such as SEGGER J-Link. Then wanted to rise the question here like “what do you use and recommend” and then I’ve remembered your Dev Shiled! Immediately panicked why I haven’t purchased it but looking to Kickstarter gave me quick answer: not available as stand-alone or any order below 275$. Is it available today or will be any time soon?

Thanks Jan

The DevShield was available during the campaign as an additional pledge and it’ll be also available for order relatively soon. We’ll inform everyone once this happens.

In the meanwhile, you can use a standard ARM debug cable. However, it needs to have pins because RuuviTag has no socket header installed by default. The pins can be salvaged from an nRF52-DK like this:

Or plug the Tag directly on top of the nRF52-DK:

But note that usually the debuggers cannot source power so a battery might be needed.


Thanks Lauri, it looks obvious now, I will get one 10-pin header and the rest is easy. Cheers Jan

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