Detecting freezer temperature when I am away

So I want to put Ruuvi tag in freezer. I understand my local iPhone can detect temperature, but what if I am away. Is there a way a nearby Mac can read BLE and send over WiFi (Internet)? That way I can remotely monitor. I assume this has been done


e.g. meazurem has a ready solution and we’re also working hard to make the Ruuvi Gateway which will allow for remote monitoring

Ofcourse you can do that with Rasperry PI/Node-red. In other topics here are instructions how to do that. Anyway I have used RTs to measure what are temperatures in different parts of fridge and I can tell that they are diffrent. When setting was +5, temperature at back of bottom level was +3 and highest was at front of top level +9. So better to put fish/meat to back of bottom level.