Decoding Ruuvi Gateway data model?

Hi there! Just got my gateway and trying things out locally.

Could someone point me to the right direction so I can decode the ruuvi data that comes out from the gateway?

I noticed that the hex shorter than the python parser understands by default.

Trying to get the data part decoded:

"tags": {
    "12:23:34:45:56:67": {
        "rssi": -50,
        "timestamp": "1634567013",
        "data": "0201061BFF99040503597B0EC3F403B801F80024949678D40ACD433EB1FA40"

Have a look here for a working example How to decode the raw value in MQTT? - #2 by io53
Basically you have to split the string at the Ruuvi company id before you pass is to the decoder.

Edit: Noticed that another library is in use in my link, but I think the same applies to ruuvitag-sensor :slight_smile:


Thanks! :+1:t2: